Ortoalresa was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 1949 as a local manufacturer of centrifuges for laboratory. Our effort, assurance and passion led us to be the dynamic and innovative company we are 65 years later. We export to more than 120 countries around the world, being present in North America, Latin American, Middle East, Europe, Asia - Pacific Area and Africa. Our products are present in biotechnical, research, environmental and industrial laboratories. These facts have made us to be one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. 


Compliance with european standards and directives regarding centrifugal production processes, specialized assistance, Responsible technology and innovation are some of the main Ortoalresa’s goals.


Ortoalresa engages in partnerships with Universities, official centers and representative companies in the field of laboratories. Our aim is to produce equipments which may adapt to any process of production or sample preparation. We bring innovation and usefulness closer since our products are innovative and functional due to our cutting-edge technology. 


Ortoalresa represents the present and, specially, the future in centrifuges for laboratories which are focused on the integration of quality and reliability with simplicity and high-performance features.