At ORBIS BV we create analytical instruments for the petro- and chemical industry. It is our passion to find the very latest innovations from the world of technology and to use them to make our new instruments better, faster, smaller and easier to use.


We know the demands of the industry. Our experience goes back to the early seventies, when Paul Bruggeman, the founder of ORBIS BV, was the first person to develop automatic instruments for distillation, flash point and many more fuel testing instruments.


Our current product portfolio consists of PAMv2 and MOPv2; instruments for automatic and manual distillation according to the methods ASTM D86, D1078, D850, ISO 3405 and more related methods. Just recently we announced the release of AirSTAR CFPP, a brand new automatic instrument for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing according to the methods ASTM D6371, EN 16329 and more related methods.


Besides the development and manufacturing of our own products, ORBIS BV also provides and supports instruments and products from the brands Tannas, King, Falex and Paragon in the North Western Europe area.